5 Cleaning Tools I Can’t Live Without


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Until the ultimate multi-purpose cleaning machine comes out that ACTUALLY does a good job at everything it says it does, I’ve built my own cleaning crew that does just about everything we need. Here are the five cleaning tools I can’t live without!

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless Vacuum: These days, vacuums cost an arm and a leg. I never thought I would be spending more than, like, $100 on this darn machine. But, alas, here we are! I use this every single day. It is safe to say I am obsessed. It is light and easy to maneuver, it has a bunch of attachments that make vacuuming small and large spaces, and even upholstery, manageable. It’s easy to clean. I am sold for life (or until something more revolutionary comes out, in which case I reserve the right to retract that statement!)

iRobot Roomba: I never would have purchased this had I not known someone on the inside. That is to say, I did not pay full price for our Roomba. Now that I have one, I, once again, am recommending you spend your hard earned dollars on one of these ‘lil tech pets. Honestly there is nothing like pressing a button, walking away and knowing that when you come back your floor will be clean. It’s like magic! They even have an app you can use to schedule cleanings and the mapping technology allows you to designate and isolate areas to clean independently. I don’t use that feature, but I’ve seen it in action and it’s handy if you like to have things on a schedule.

Shop-Vac Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum: If you don’t have a shop vac, this is one of the BEST investments we made when we purchased our house and started making messes with DIY projects. You don’t have to worry about destroying your expensive vacuums by accidentally sucking up nails and other debris that they’re simply not designed to handle. If you do have a shop vac, you probably don’t even realize that it can (probably*) also suck up liquid. You heard me right. For $70 you can not only suck up all the large debris in your garage, but you can remove the filter and suck up large liquid spills. How do I know this? We’ve had a few… incidents. If you are going to use this for liquid, just make sure you give it a good clean and let it dry fully before using again so it doesn’t get stinky!

*Wet/dry vacuums only!

O-Cedar EasyWring RinseClean Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket: This comes highly recommended by too many people to count. Seriously! It’s just a simple mop and bucket, but sometimes that’s all you need. I love this one in particular because it separates the clean and dirty water so you’re not scrubbing your floors with filthy water. I also like that the mop heads are removable and washable. I just pop mine off and throw it in the wash after every other mop or so!

BISSELL Little Green Portable Spot and Stain Cleaner: This is the latest addition to our cleaning crew, but it’s a good one. When was the last time you cleaned your couch? Don’t worry, I’m not judging! I purchased this when I started buying second hand upholstered furniture and it’s been incredibly handy!

The only thing I think I’d like to add to this crew is a steam cleaner that can be used to deep clean grout and perhaps even old (like, old, old) upholstery stains. I have some research to do, but do share if you have any favorites – that goes for any cleaning tools!


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