Family Room Carpet Update


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The day we moved in to our split level ranch we knew exactly what project number one was going to be – ripping out the carpet in the family room! Unfortunately, the previous owners left us with an incredibly unpleasant cat odor we couldn’t eliminate without completely removing the existing wall-to-wall carpet and deep cleaning the concrete floor underneath.

We had initially planned on installing vinyl plank flooring, but removing the old carpet revealed a concrete floor that was quite un-level. Upon doing some research on the steps it would take to level out, we decided installing new carpet was more cost and time effective. I think we were also a little bit intimidated and worried about making a costly mistake, this being our first major project and all. It’s funny, with all of the projects under our belt now, I don’t think I would blink an eye at leveling out a floor (within reason, of course!) In hind sight, we’re really pleased with that decision as it’s far more cozy, especially in the winter!

Once the old carpet was out of the space we used a few different products to scrub the floors so we had a clean base to install new carpet over and no more icky smell.

Step 1: Chemspec ENZ-All – Professional Multi-Purpose Enzyme Traffic Lane Carpet Cleaning Concentrate

Step 2: Simple Green 1 Gal. Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner

Step 3: Green Gobbler 30% Vinegar, (Alt option: Calyptus 30% Vinegar)

Tools: Scrub brush

Removing pet urine and odors from concrete is a bit of a process and we were incredibly lucky to have guidance from an acquaintance who owns a professional cleaning service. We do, however, recommend doing some research before tackling this project as different products may not react the same on different surfaces. Here are a few articles to get you started:

Next up was choosing a new carpet. One thing you’ll learn about me is that I love to ponder ideas and I often change my mind, so you can imagine how much time and how many trips to the store it took to get this right! I really liked the idea of a lighter neutral color. The trick was to find something that wasn’t too light and/or would hold up to heavy pet and people traffic, as our wood stove is also located in this space and we are regularly bringing in wood from outside to burn in the winter months.

We ended up settling on a lovely, soft gray from Home Depot’s Home Decorators Collection: Soft Breath II in Willow and splurged on the Prime Comfort 1/2 inc. Thick Premium Carpet Pad.

Truthfully, I was not planning to get the thicker pad so we could save a little money, but Matt insisted. It is wonderful and has held up really well. All of our guests comment on how squishy and comfortable the carpet is!

Home Depot measured for and installed the carpet and we highly recommend their services to anyone looking to do the same.

It’s now been about 3 years since we had this carpet installed and it has held up great! It’s certainly due for a deep clean to remove lingering dirt from high traffic areas, but aside from that we have no complaints!


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