Holiday Gift Guide 2022: For Her

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Whether you’re shopping for the gal in your life, or just looking for some ideas to add to your own Christmas list we’ve got your covered. In fact, these gifts would be great for ANYONE and, best of all, they’ll actually be used. Get to shopping!

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Collage of 10 holiday gift ideas for her

1. Travel Jewelry Case

Jewelry, knick knacks, you name it! This would be great for travel or just consolidating things in your bathroom closet. I love the personalization detail, too.

2. Insulated Lunch Bag

I’m sure a lot of people’s day-to-day has changed and the need for a lunch bag is slim, BUT this was way too cute to pass up. It would be great for a weekend picnic bag, a day at the park, car snacks, the list goes on. Might as well snack in style, right?

3. Lita Vase

While the rest of the world is leaning into modern everything, I’m still pushing for character in any way I can. I absolutely love the silhouette of this vase. Fill it with flowers, or use it to style a shelf!

4. Super Plush Robe

This one speaks for itself! It’s like a warm, cozy hug!

5. Conversation Starters: Connect Game

My friend, Lisa, gifted us conversation cards a few years ago and Matt and I have had so much fun with them. We often answer a few while we cook dinner and it’s a really nice way to connect on a deeper level. Even after 12 years we’ve still got things to learn about each other!

6. CirrusLite Down Parka

I have to give credit to Lisa (again!) on this one. She suggested this coat to me a few years ago. I had honestly forgotten about Eddie Bauer but they have a great selection of winter gear and their Black Friday sale is one of the BEST at up to 50% off. I reach for this jacket more than any other. It’s light weight, warm, easy to pack, can be dressed up or down and is incredibly comfortable. All excellent criteria in my book!

7. Cadence Capsules

I have had these saved on Instagram for years. They are so darn clever! Instead of packing a million and one bottles of creams and meds, fill these magnetic hexagons to consolidate and make more space for the things you REALLY want to pack.

8. Garden Sheers

Do not underestimate the power of good, sharp, affordable garden sheers. I’m obsessed with this color and have found these incredibly useful!

9. Soaking Salts & Coconut Milk

Nothing says “I love ya” like soaking salts and coconut milk. I’m all for a good soak, and these take it up a notch!

10. Warming Eye Pillow

This is for the days when she just needs a minute!


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