Holiday Gift Guide 2022: For Him

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Here are some ideas for the guy who says he wants nothing, but could really do with a few things. You might even like some of these for yourself or the family, too! Add in some socks and undies and you may just win the holidays this year.

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Collage of 11 holiday gift ideas for him

1. Bocce Ball Set

Love me a good game of bocce ball! This is great fun for the whole family and is sure to bring out everyone’s competitive side.

2. Apple TV

I never understood the hype about these until we got one. As an Apple product family we love how integrated it is with our devices and how easy it is to use.

3. Ugg Ascot Slippers

Matt’s used his so much I’m pretty sure there is no lining left. That’s the sign of a good gift!

4. Carhartt Jacket

Matt reaches for this all winter long! It’s easy to move in and keeps him warm (but not TOO warm), especially on those days that call for multiple rounds of snow blowing.

5. Purple Harmony Pillow

We just upgraded our mattress for the new house and tested out some Purple pillows when we were shopping. I’m on the hunt for two great things in life – pillows and jeans – and this rose pretty high up on the pillow list. It’s kind of bouncy, but supportive at the same time. Best for those who sleep on their backs!

6. Perfect Practice Putting Mat

This scratches the golf itch while they can’t golf all winter. What I love about this is it rolls up and can easily be tucked away. The dogs love chasing the golf balls, too!

7. Shower Mirror

This is one of those things you don’t know you need until you have it. Now they can shave their face in the shower. No more stubble in the sink, friends!

8. Campfire Pie Irons

We had these growing up and it is my #1 favorite memory from annual camping with the fam. We’d make pizza pies and cook them over the fire and, honestly, nothing beats it.

9. Sound Machine

We love sleeping with the fan on so there’s a little white noise. If you don’t have a fan this is a great way to cut through the silence and sleep through any little noises that might wake a light sleeper!

10. Portable Hammock

Hammock swings are the best. This hammock tucks into a little pouch so you can easily keep it in the car or throw it in a bag to go hiking with. It’s easy to set up and take down, so you can get right to relaxing!

11. Lumber Storage Racks

These are essential for the wood worker in your life. We have two sets and could go for two more! They’re easy to install and make storing wood much more organized.


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