Holiday Gift Guide 2022: For Self Care

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It’s hard to beat a gift that says “Hey, relax and take care of yourself!” For a lot of us, it’s a priority that continuously gets pushed down the list. Life gets busy! Making self care an experience, rather than a task makes a big difference. We’ve rounded up our favorite cozy and comforting products that will take self care to the top of any recipient’s to-do list!

Collage of 14 gift ideas for self care

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1. Adjustable Silk Sleep Mask

This is a must-have on my list. I started sleeping with a sleep mask to block out the light of Matt’s laptop when he wanted to stay up later. Now, I can’t sleep without it! It’s super light-weight, comfortable and adjustable.

2. Headache Hat

I detest headaches. I will do anything to avoid them but, sometimes, they’re inevitable. The Headache Hat has become a welcome aid when the headaches come knocking. Just store it in the freezer and wrap it around your head to relieve discomfort!

3. Deep Tissue Massager

This was an impulse purchase when we were painting the ceiling in the sitting room. My neck and shoulders were so tight I couldn’t sleep through the night. I was desperate for relief. The attachments are great for targeting different areas of the body and it has several speed settings so you can control the intensity. If you’re a Costco member, you can also grab it there!

4. Cozy Earth Joggers

If you’re looking for a treat, you need not scroll further. These are the softest, most comfortable, best fitting, non-pilling, temperature regulating pants I’ve ever warn. I have my friend, Lisa, to thank for discovering these gems. It took me a while to cave, but once I did there was no going back. Just buy the pants!

5. Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket

Matt gifted me a weighted blanket last year and it’s like a cozy hug! I love that this blanket has multiple colors and weights to choose from, depending on your preference, and is cool to the touch.

6. Essential Oil Diffuser

I’ve *almost* exclusively switched from using candles to using my diffuser to add fragrance to our home. I still love candles every now and then for the ambience, but the diffuser is so convenient to switch from one scent to another. Not to mention, it’s clean!

7. Fleece Slipper Booties

Warm and cute? Don’t have to tell me twice. These are on my wish list this year!

8. Silk Pillowcase

There are a lot of benefits to sleeping with a silk pillowcase – healthier hair, wrinkle prevention, more hydrated skin – the list goes on! It’s so luxurious and I love how it feels cool (especially if you’re a side sleeper like me!)

9. Essential Oil Kit

If you grab a diffuser, don’t forget to get some essential oils to go along with it. There are a few kits to choose from depending on your fragrance preferences!

10. Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

If I didn’t convince you on the joggers, consider the sheets. We use one set of sheets and one set only. These are it. They’re soft, and cool, and my goodness, better than any hotel sheets I’ve ever slept in. Practically one-third of your life is spent in bed, so you might as well be sleeping in comfort, right?!  Need more convincing? Read the reviews.

11. Calm App

Before we got our Peloton subscription a few years ago, I used the Calm app pretty regularly. I’ve tried many meditation, mindfulness and sleep apps over the years and this is definitely a favorite. It’s as simple as opening the app for even a moment of calmness. They have added a ton of features to the app over the years so there’s something for everyone, no matter where you are in your health and wellness journey. Great to gift or treat yourself!

12. Cuts T-Shirts

These are on my wish list this year. I’m constantly on a journey to find the perfect jeans and the perfect t-shirt and these have caught my eye a few times now. I love the color selection and variety of cuts for both men and women, not to mention they look incredibly soft!

13. Le Creuset Steel Teakettle

Comfort and self care looks different for everyone, but for me it often includes a hot cup of tea. I love the ritual of preparing a cuppa and taking a few moments to enjoy it in peace while it’s hot. That ritual is made even better with a beautiful teakettle!

14. Performance Bath Sheets

Okay, if you haven’t joined the bath sheet train, you’ve gotta check these out. Bath sheets are bigger than standard bath towels and, in my opinion, are a game changer. They are so lush and cozy when you get out of the shower. You and your guests never have to worry about the towel being too short when wrapped. The best part? Theses are from Target! Luxury doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


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