Holiday Gift Guide 2022: For the Dog

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Dogs are family, and we love to spoil the heck out of them! We’ve come across some really great products for our dogs over the years, and we’re always on the lookout for more. Here are just a few things we think your pups might like to unwrap this season!

Collage of 13 gift ideas for the dog

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1. Lick Mats

We love using these to keep the pups engaged for a slightly longer period of time. They’ve even become a welcome distraction while we cut their nails. Instead of a scary or stressful task, it’s one where they get rewarded! Just smear on some peanut butter or any dog-safe treat and pop in the freezer. Our favorite concoction is peanut butter, plain greek yogurt and honey. Be sure whatever you use is xylitol-free!

2. Fable Pets The Game

This is on our wish list! We love incorporating games into Piper and Junie’s routines with their daily allowance of food. With “The Game” you put a little bit of kibble inside, screw on the top and let your pup bobble the toy to release kibble bits. It’s stimulating and engages their curiosity!

3. Wilderdog Utility Pack

This is the ultimate fanny pack for all your pup needs. I use this every day on our walks or at the park. I love that it fits a generous amount of treats and poop bags, plus has extra room for my own essentials so I don’t have to carry anything else with me.

4. Wilderdog Doggie Bag

Another one on our wish list! This is such a great travel bag for dog food. It fits up to 5 lbs of dog food and comes with a stainless steel scoop. I especially love the roll down and clip handle making it easy to fill, grab and go! No more wasting Ziploc bags.

5. Dog Bandana

Every pup needs a wardrobe! I’m a big fan of bandanas – they’re a fun accessory and super easy to store. Check out the variety of patterns at Murphy and Max on Etsy!

6. Biodegradable Poop Bags

Pick up poop feel better doing it with biodegradable bags! These are made from a corn starch blend and help reduce polyethylene plastic in landfills. They make a great stocking stuffer, too.

7. Diggs Pet Groov

The Groov has been a game changer for crate training! We love it so much, we have two. Smear on a treat, freeze and place in the crate grate to encourage licking and calmness. Crate time just began a whole lot more enjoyable… for everyone!

8. Charlee Bear Treats

Charlee Bear treats are a favorite in our household. They’re small and low-calorie so we don’t have to worry about over-treating. We keep them in air tight containers around the house so they’re always within reach to reward the pups. And best of all, they’re a great price!

9. Night Light Ball

If your pets love to play fetch this is a great ball to add to your line up, especially with the sun setting earlier! We love this for night time and winter play. Piper has a blast digging this ball out of piles of snow at night!

10. Wild One Harness Walk Kit

If you’re going for a walk, you and the pup(s) might as well look cute doing it! I love Wild One’s color palettes and quality products. The harness is soft and cushioned and has 3 attachment points for flexibility and control.

11. LED Dog Collar

These collars are absolute must-haves for us. It’s practically impossible to spot the dogs running around in the backyard at night, so having a well-lit collar gives us peace of mind when we let them out!

12. Snuffle Ball

I recently stumbled upon Lambwolf Collective and immediately fell in love with their beautifully and thoughtfully designed toys. We are constantly looking for new snuffle toys to keep the dogs engaged with fun activities and they have an amazing selection.

13. Absolute Dogs Training

My sister actually stumbled upon Absolute Dogs and thank goodness she did. We have been taking their online courses for almost two years now and have learned SO much about training with positive reinforcement (hence all of the food games/toys!) Not only do I like that we can do these from the comfort of our own home and on our own timeframe, but I love that I can rewatch things over to refresh my memory or study how they’re approaching certain techniques. Any of their courses would make an amazing gift!


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