How to Decorate a Harry Potter Halloween Tree

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It’s no secret I love Christmas and Harry Potter. Our trees are always up and decorated long before the season is in full swing. This year takes the cake for the earliest I asked Matt to pull down *just one* tree from storage. We had friends visiting who had never seen our home decorated for Christmas which is one of my favorite things to share. While I can agree it’s definitely a little bit early to dip into those decorations, I thought it would be fun to decorate a tree for Halloween instead!

I chose a Harry Potter theme for three reasons:

  1. Big Harry Potter fan!
  2. I always decorate a Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree, so the transition from one to the next would be easy.
  3. I wanted a theme that would lean more magical than spooky.

I’ve rounded up all of the supplies I used to decorate my tree, along with some additional Harry Potter-inspired decorations and Halloween tree inspiration to get your wheels turning!

Supplies I used:

Supplies you might like:

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1. Set up your tree & add lights

My preference is to use unlit trees and add my own string lights. This way if the lights go out I can easily replace a string and continue to re-use the tree. If you’re following this method, make sure to test your strings of lights before you wrap them around the tree. Be generous with your lights so it’s well-lit when you plug it in. If you have a tree that’s pre-lit you can skip this step!

To add in the pumpkin lights, I removed the plastic pumpkin covers off the string of lights they came on and popped them onto my own string lights. This allowed me to spread the one string of pumpkins out further.

2. Add cobwebs & beads

I decided to use white cheesecloth instead of the traditional spider web material because it’s easier to remove from the tree branches when it comes time to switch over to Christmas decorations. Stuff small sections of cheesecloth into the branches to create a web-like appearance for your spiders to sit on. Place the spiders in the webs. The spiders are a nod to Harry and Ron’s adventure into the forest to meet Arago!

For an added elegant take on cobwebs, drape ivory string beads in an overlapping pattern from top to bottom. The more you overlap, the more whimsical and spider web-like it looks! My tree is tucked in a corner so I only added beads to the sides of the tree that could be seen to save on supplies, but it still took two large rolls. If you want a more full look or are decorating all sides of the tree make sure to account for that when ordering beads.

3. Add ornaments

Tuck your ornaments in between the beads and cobwebs to fill in any gaps. I often mix in things that aren’t specifically ornaments but sit well on the branches to add variety, like the chocolate frog box and witch hats. I even made an ornament out of a time-turner keychain I bought when we went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, FL. Get creative and tell a story with your ornaments!

Finally, wrap your black cheese cloth around the tree base to create a spooky tree skirt. I love using fabric as a tree skirt because it’s easy to repurpose as a table runner, drape across a mantle or wrap around centerpieces.

Looking for some additional Halloween tree inspiration?

Here are some of our favorite takes on a Halloween themed tree.

There are so many ways to spin this theme, no matter your style. Just one more reason to get the tree out early this year and start a new tradition. We’d love to see your Halloween trees and decor, so be sure to share! Have a safe and happy Halloween!


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