Kitchen Remodel: Design Plan


Since we moved in in June 2018, we’d wondered if the soffit above the kitchen cabinets contained any duct work. In September 2020, we took a hammer to it and that was the start of the kitchen renovation. There were no prior plans to redesign our kitchen aside from the occasional “wouldn’t it be cool if some day…” conversation we’d had.

I’m a visual person and find it’s always helpful to pull together some inspiration to use as the north star for each project, so I started digging around. The initial plan was to keep things simple – panel the ceiling, paint the cabinets, replace the hardware, eventually install tile floors, maaaaaybe put in a butcher block countertop, but that was really it. The thought of tearing our kitchen apart was kind of intimidating, so I just figured we’d work with what we had. Obviously, that changed.

Thinking I’d keep our existing cabinet doors and paint them, I felt like a cottage-style approach would work best. I stumbled upon Sincerely, Marie Designs’ kitchen and just loved how they transformed an ordinary space with builder grade cabinets into something beautifully cozy and inviting.

The color scheme was bright and neutral which would pair well with any decor. That said, our cabinets were already white and showed so much dirt. While I loved the idea of a white kitchen, to be honest, it’s not really our style, so I kept looking.

The moment I scrolled across Studio McGee’s Parade Home kitchen, everything sort of clicked into place. That green was IT. There is something so grounding about green to me. It’s also still very neutral so I didn’t feel like it would clash with whatever we mixed into the decor.

In the meantime, our curiosity and imaginations were starting to take over and the list of what if’s was feeling less and less scary. So, I made a mockup to see what the space could look like if we made a few extra changes.

Matt had suggested taking down the cabinets to the right of the sink and my initial reaction was something like “Are you crazy? That’ll just make more work! Let’s keep it simple.” At some point we agreed to take them down just to see, but as soon as they were down we immediately agreed they were never going back up. I’ve got to give Matt the credit on that one! It was wild how much more open and light the space felt.

I still wanted to keep the space as airy as possible to balance out the dark green, so I planned on doing a white washed wood panel ceiling for a little bit of visual texture and interest and white walls and trim throughout the remainder of the space. I liked the idea of weaving in some warmth with brass hardware, wood shelves and a varied warm white backsplash laid in a non-traditional pattern.

The countertop was one of the last pieces we really considered because it would have been costly to replace, but after doing some research we came across a white concrete product that we could use to pour new countertops. It was at that moment that we happily ripped out the ugly faux granite laminate.

Now that we had a design plan, it was time to start planning and installing the wood panel ceiling!


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