Our Finished Fenced In Yard


After a brief materials delay, we are happy to share that our fenced in yard is finally finished!  What was previously a somewhat neglected side yard, is now turning out to be one of our favorite, and most used, spaces.

The crew returned to wrap the post and rail with black chain link. We had originally discussed going with a galvanized chain link, but after looking at a few example photos we pivoted to black. Unless you’re looking really closely, the black disappears much more seamlessly into the landscape and this was a key detail to us. Our contractor also recommended adding a guide wire along the bottom of the chain link to apply tension and keep it secure over time.

Next, they installed the picket fence along the front. This section was very tedious for a few reasons – there were a lot of roots, the slope of the yard was more significant and the installation of this fencing required more precision. We also have a concrete pad surrounding our home to protect the foundation. To align the post as closely to the house as possible, they drilled an 18” bolt through the concrete into the ground and secured the post to the bolt with a metal strap.

The picket gates were the cherry on top. We opted for a double gate near the barn to ensure we could get the lawn tractor and larger vehicles through, if needed, and single gates in the front and near the coop. For the length of this project I’d been unsure of whether or not the picket gates mixed in with the post and rail were going to be the right choice, but I was so glad I went with my gut. I love that those gates tie into the picket fence in the front and add a little bit of character to an otherwise simple run of fencing.

As soon as the last gate was latched we let the dogs out to run. We couldn’t help but smile and feel a sense of relief knowing they have a much larger space to play in. Best of all, now they can run around freely while we work in the garden and yard. It’s safe to say we’re all a lot happier with this set up.

It feels like just yesterday I was doodling ideas on my iPad, imagining what this side yard could become. Now, less than a year later, I’m standing in an outdoor space that still feels a little bit like a dream. Pinch me! You’ll find us outside playing fetch and talking about next year’s garden and patio plans for the foreseeable future.



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