Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees, Garland and Wreaths

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The best time to think about shopping for your artificial holiday greenery is before everyone else does! Some of the most realistic, natural-looking trees, garland and wreaths tend to sell out long before the holiday season is in full swing. I’ve rounded up a handful of my favorites, some of which are already well loved items in our collection!

Artificial Christmas Trees

Trees are compressed for shipping, so they won’t look perfect right out of the box. Shaping a tree is kind of an art, so here’s a tutorial to help you nail down your fluffing technique!

  1. 7.5’ Norwegian Spruce Tree
  2. 3’ Norfolk Pine Tree
  3. 6.5’–9’ Stratford Spruce (have & love!)
  4. 4.5’–12’ Alpine Balsam Fir (have & love!)
  5. 6.5’–12’ Flocked Mountain Pine
  6. 6.5’–12’ Foxtail Pine (have & love!)
  7. 4’ Cedar Tree
  8. 5.5’–9’ European Fir

Artificial Garland

The key to a full garland is layering and mixing greens!

  1. 48” Cedar Garland
  2. 72” Juniper Garland
  3. 6’ Cryptomeria Garland
  4. 60” & 180” Norfolk Pine Garland (have & love!)
  5. 48” Cedar Garland
  6. 72” Cypress Garland
  7. 72” & 108” Cedar Garland
  8. 72” Pine Garland
  9. 48” Spruce Garland

Artificial Wreaths

Dress up these wreaths with bows and holiday foliage to add a little festive flair, or keep them simple and leave up all winter long!

  1. 4.5” Cedar Wreath
  2. 18” & 24” Cryptomeria Wreath
  3. 26” & 36” Cypress Wreath
  4. 32” Larch Wreath
  5. 24” Norfolk Pine Wreath
  6. 16” Fir Wreath
  7. 24” Pine Wreath
  8. 17” Cedar Wreath

This is just a taste of what’s out there before the majority of seasonal decor has really hit the shelves. Definitely shop around and make note of the styles and greens that you like! Add one or two things to your inventory each year and before you know it you’ll have an amazing collection to fill your home with. Happy decorating!


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