Shiplap Accent Wall


No matter how hard we try to plan ahead for a project, there are always unexpected challenges that pop up along the way and cause us to change course. This project was a result of one of those challenges!

In preparation for repainting the family room walls, we removed a couple of pass-through grommets on the TV wall that were used to reroute the previous owners entertainment center cords. In doing so, some of the old wall paint peeled off revealing several thick layers of old paint. In an attempt to smooth it out and patch I kept peeling the paint, but it ended up getting pretty messy, and even peeled off some of the paper on the drywall beneath. Prior to this incident I’d considered wallpapering this small wall as a fun focal point behind the TV, but now I was worried the texture of the paint layers and drywall would show through the wallpaper, or even cause the wallpaper not to stick.

In order to get a smooth finish with a fresh coat of paint we would have had to resurface the wall and that was a messier project than we wanted to tackle at the time, so we pivoted! I remembered seeing Jenna Sue’s DIY tutorial for inexpensive shiplap walls and thought it would be the perfect solution! The wood panels would easily cover up the texture on the wall while still serving as a focal point behind the TV.

The only tool we did not have in our toolbox at the time was a nail gun, so we ended up securing the ripped down panels to the wall with small nails by hand. It was a little tedious (ha!), but thankfully our wall was only about 8’x8’ and it went pretty quickly. If you’re doing this for a larger space consider renting or investing in a brad nailer, as that will definitely help move things along (and save a little energy!) Now that we have one, it’s one of the most used tools in our toolbox! That said, we do hope to upgrade to a DEWALT Cordless 18-Gauge Brad Nailer and Cordless 16-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer in the future, as they are certainly a bit easier to manage for larger projects with no cord or air compressor to cart around.

Once the panels were up it was just a matter of throwing on a few coats of primer and paint. (I say this like it wasn’t already 11pm, but I was DETERMINED to finish!) The one trick many tutorials will tell you is to paint the wall and the edges of each panel before you attach to the wall. Once the panels are secured the seams are pretty tight and tricky to get your brush into, so pre-painting ensures you don’t have any unpainted gaps when you roll on the final coat or two! We painted this wall the same color as the rest of the walls to create a seamless transition with the adjacent walls and it’s quickly becoming a favorite white – HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Bohemian Lace, eggshell finish.

Slowly but surely this room is starting to feel more cozy and we can’t wait to continue to transform this space!


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